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Because Mental Health

ReNew Remedy by Living Well Nutrition is the premiere mental health and wellness clinic, delivering novel approaches to boosting moods, emotions, memory, attention, and sleep on the front range in northern Colorado.

We exist to provide people with
safe, fast, effective relief from mood disorders
so they can live vibrant lives.

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Naturally Inspired Radio With Kristy Hall  

Covering Groundbreaking Approaches for Childhood Anxiety and Depression

The Re:New Approach



In today's fast-paced world, we're bombarded by a staggering 34 GB of data daily, equivalent to over 100,000 words heard or read every day. This information overload can significantly impact our brain function. At Renew Remedy, we offer a rejuvenating brain 'tune-up' through neural entrainment. Experience a passive, painless, and deeply relaxing process that enhances your performance IQ, memory, attention to detail, and sleep quality.



Every morning, we encounter over 100 chemicals while getting dressed, impacting both our physical and mental well-being. At Renew Remedy, we employ bioenergetic testing to pinpoint areas where your body is out of balance. Through red light therapy, we optimize mitochondrial function, while our Ionic Detox Footbaths support your body's innate detoxification pathways.



At Renew Remedy, we acknowledge our spiritual essence and belive that nurturing the interconnected aspects of mind, body, and spirit fosters a balanced life.  To achieve holistic well-being, it's vital to address all five key areas of life: financial, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social. Our comprehensive approach at Renew Remedy empowers individuals to flourish in every aspect of their lives.

Why Re:New?

Anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, and addiction are currently treated with medication and psychotherapy.

Medication can take months to work, and psychotherapy may take years or even decades. These approaches leave people feeling hopeless and in despair.

We offer a different approach, one that is fast, safe, and effective. First, we begin with Theta Therapy paired with rTMS. These therapies are completely passive and leave a person feeling deeply relaxed. Relief from mood disorders is often felt by the second day.


Next, we assess a need for supplement support based on a person's genetic makeup. If a need is determined, relief may be felt within minutes up to two weeks.

Finally, we assess for inflammation. Inflammation precedes depression up to a decade before a diagnosis is made. We address this with nutrition.


Using these alternative approaches provides safe, fast, and effective relief that lasts. These alternative therapies may be used alone or to augment talk therapy, resulting in faster breakthroughs. Each person is individually assessed, and a unique therapy plan is created to meet the needs.


In-office therapy protocols last up to 28 days, and appointments are scheduled to meet your availability.


Types of

Therapeutic Technologies

Theta Chamber

Explore breakthrough neurological treatment at ReNew Remedy with our exclusive Theta Chamber℠ technology. Designed for issues like addictions, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain, our serene environment fosters lasting change. The Theta Chamber induces theta brain waves, reducing brain fog, anxiety, and enhancing memory. A single session boosts serotonin and dopamine while paired with rTMS for non-invasive brain stimulation. In just 50-60 minutes, create new neural pathways, promoting genuine healing. Hope meets cutting-edge technology at ReNew Remedy for transformative neurological well-being.



Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is an effective, drug-free, non-invasive treatment that uses magnetic stimulation to stimulate areas of the brain that regulate mood. The human brain is inherently an electrical organ that functions through the transmission of electrical signals between nerve cells. rTMS treatment works with your body’s natural processes by simply increasing the number and frequency of such transmissions. rTMS employs magnetic energy to stimulate an area of the brain that regulates mood.

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation



Discover wellness at ReNew Remedy with our revolutionary BioMat – an FDA 510k registered medical marvel for pain and stress management. Harnessing far infrared rays, negative ion therapy, and pure amethyst, it tackles stress, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, and more. Suitable for the whole family the BioMat enhances well-being, improves mood, and offers pain relief. It even shows promise in cancer prevention. Experience benefits like reduced inflammation, pain relief, improved sleep, detoxification, and strengthened immunity. ReNew Remedy: Where technology meets holistic well-being.


Ion Foot Bath

Step into a world of wellness with the Ion FootBath – a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern detox innovation. Detoxify your body effectively with over 2000 sweat glands and 4000 pores in your feet. Our Ion FootBath combines ancient practices with ionization for quick, dramatic results. Benefit from a stronger immune system, pain reduction, disease prevention, weight loss, increased energy, and more in just a 30-minute session. It is ideal for chronic issues, fatigue, and skin conditions and as part of a personalized treatment plan. 


Red Light

Revitalize at ReNew Remedy with Red Light Therapy for cellular healing. Penetrating 8-10 mm, Red Low Light Bulbs address scars, wounds, and infections and offer remarkable anti-aging benefits. Activate collagen, firm skin, treat pigmentation issues, and boost circulation. In our private room, reminiscent of a tanning bed without harmful UV radiation, experience a heat-free, relaxing session. Safe for all ages, Red Light Therapy requires no downtime, providing proven benefits validated in clinical trials.


Qest Bioenergetic Scan

Embark on a journey to holistic wellness with ReNew Remedy – the pinnacle of mental health care in northern Colorado. Introducing the Qest Bioenergetic Scan, our cutting-edge tool inspired by ancient Chinese meridian philosophies. Delve into the body's subtle energy systems with this non-invasive assessment, evaluating meridians for optimal health.

The Qest 4 Bioenergetic Scan examines the body's energy pathways compromised by factors like toxins or infections. Using a handheld device, it introduces a small amplitude to assess meridians through biological imprints. The system then references a database of homeopathic remedies, tailoring a proactive approach to restore harmony over time.

While not a diagnostic tool, the Qest 4 system decodes subtle changes, preemptively addressing potential health concerns before physical manifestation.

Be Transformed by the RENEWING of your mind!

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Visit Us: 1435 W 29th St Suite 100, Loveland, CO 80538
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Meet Kristy

Kristy Hall, the driving force behind ReNew Remedy by Living Well Nutrition, embarked on a profound journey with her own PTSD that sparked a quest for mental equilibrium. Her innovative approach not only facilitated personal healing but also propelled her toward transformative practices.


Witnessing clients' remarkable progress in days, Kristy's commitment deepened. Expanding her practice, she now assists individuals dealing with memory, attention, addiction, and insomnia issues.


Drawing from her own struggles, Kristy has crafted a unique framework that goes beyond conventional methods, offering a holistic way to restore mental well-being. Her passion for empowering others has resulted in breakthroughs, guiding countless individuals toward balanced and fulfilling lives.


Through ReNew Remedy, Kristy continues to empower individuals to reclaim their mental health and experience life-changing transformations.

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Kristy Hall, MS, ROHP, RNCP

Functional Epigenetic Nutritionist


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