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Because Business Matters

The ROOTS of the Secretary of State office are in building businesses, not in political siding.  

From Grand Junction to Burlington and Fort Collins to Trinidad, we need healthy, growing businesses.


What does the Secretary of State do?


Collect, secure & make accessible a variety of public records


Enhance Commerce


Licensing of charities and notary publics


Run fair elections

He’s MY Mike

My Mike is a common sense kinda guy who has dedicated his life to helping small businesses.

I’m Mike O’Donnell, running to be your next Secretary of State which has two primary responsibilities:


Economics and Elections


Communities are strong when businesses are up and running.  Regretfully, that is not the case right now.   

Colorado is lagging behind the national average in economic recovery from the toll the pandemic has taken. Across our state, streets are lined with shuttered businesses. Our people and our families are struggling to find affordable housing, put gas in the car and food on the table.  


This has to change. 


I could no longer just stand by and watch the economic decline of Colorado. Something is broken. I’m not a politician, I’m an economist.  


For 30 years, I’ve been a small business advocate and helped thousands of Colorado businesses secure funding to start and grow small businesses through Colorado Lending Source.


Now, I want to take a proven track record with real-world experience and fix what is broken with our economy.  You have my commitment to restore transparency, accountability and integrity to the Office of Secretary of State. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 12.16.14 AM.png

Election Integrity
Starts with the Voter Rolls


All people, regardless of the label they choose to wear, need to have confidence in our election system.  As an immigrant, I treasure the freedoms that we have in America and in our Constitution.  To maintain a free and fair society, we must have free and fair elections.  


I have been manually reviewing our Colorado voter rolls.  And, you know what I learned?  They are VERY dirty.  So call me Mr. Clean because I’m going to get them cleaned up. 

  • No more double voting

  • No more dead people voting

  • No more voters living at the local DMV

  • No more non-existent street addresses

After cleaning the rolls, then I will conduct a root cause analysis of all the other issues surrounding voting in Colorado.  I will make every step in the process transparent so you know exactly where we are.  Absentee ballots, Dominion machines, citizens vs. non-citizens, all will be addressed.  You will know what I find, the process to fix what is broken and the timeline.  

As citizens of Colorado, we aren’t aware of some of the things our officials do.  As your next Secretary of State, I will make certain that transparency is returned to the areas within my responsibility:  economics and elections.  

Vote for me, Mike O’Donnell in the June Primary and in the November election.  I look forward to serving all of Colorado by facilitating small business development and restoring confidence in our elections.  

Now let’s talk Election Integrity.
Current, active Federal Lawsuit alleges Colorado has the dirtiest voter rolls in the nation.

My commitment to you is that my first action item as your Secretary of State will be to clean up these voter rolls. That is the critical first step in ensuring all Coloradans have their true voice heard in future elections. 

Mike Will

Team meeting

That's MY Mike

What are people saying

It's been many years since I've been excited about a political candidate. You are perfect for this role. I support you and you are definitely going to have the adventure of a lifetime. I see you are already getting the requisite criticism. That means you are doing something right :-)
-Chris Robbins, Jewish History Writer & Developer

I may just have to move back to Colorado!

-Gary Reynolds, Sr. Consultant with AEI Consultants

“Mike O’Donnell is the still-waters-run-deep candidate in this race. His soft Australian accent and solid presence are reassuring that everything can be worked out for the best. His long history of working with small businesses means he would be extremely competent at the job of Sec of State. Mike is also fully aware of the need to clean the voter rolls and root out the problems with Colorado's voting systems."


-USEIP (United States Election Integrity Plan) May Newsletter

What a refreshing attitude that is

so desperately needed. If anyone can make this change for improvement,

it’s Mike O'donnell.

-Kimberly Woodrow, Executive with Nationwide SBA Lending 


I believe Mike will be a PRACTICAL Secretary of State for Colorado. 

-Zahid Kamran, Sr. VP with SBA US Lending US Bank  


We need to have a wholesale change in that office from the top down, and it’ll start with Mike O'donnell.

 -Dan Long, Semi-Retired Executive

 I can't imagine a guy I'd trust more as Secretary of State. You have

my 100% support!

-Jeremy Torgerson, CEO & Founder of nVest Advisors


There couldn’t be a better choice for that office than you!!! I’m delighted for you and the state. 

-R.P. Burrasca, Executive VP and CFO at Archimedes 

I endorse your candidacy!

Best of luck, Mike!!-Troy McCue, Certified Economic Developer at Lincoln County EDC

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