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Unemployment in Colorado

In November 2019, Colorado had the 9th lowest unemployment rate in the nation.... Not now. 


Producer Price Index (PPI)

The PPI is in many ways a better indicator of inflation then the CPI


Consumer Price Index (CIP)

The CPR is generally referenced as THE inflation index, although price changes are only tracked in 73 metro communities


Import & Export Prices

The domestic policies adopted in the United States have also caused excessive price increases in imports and exports too.


Employment in the U.S (U-6)

A broader definition of unemployment includes all those people who would like to find full-time employment but many may not be classified as unemployed


Employment Gap

Despite the huge number of available jobs in the U.S. there are still almost 8 million Americans "Missing from the labor force today .


Job Hires & Separations in Colorado

Each month people get hired into new jobs, quit old jobs, get laid off from existing jobs, or retire.


Businesses in Colorado

As in the rest of the nation, most small businesses in Colorado are operated by self-employed individuals in business for themselves without any employees. 


Average # Jobs Per Startup

The average number of jobs created by the new employer firms that launched in Colorado last year was much less than previously, which is why the state lost 78.077 jobs.


Survival Rates of Employer Firms Colorado

By startup year. The survival rate of new small businesses with employees is INCREDIBLY predictable no matter when that business started between 1994 and 2020


Survival Rates of Employer Firms Colorado

94% of voters voted by mail during the 2020 presidential elections, compared to 92.5% in 2016 and 98.7% in the 2021 elections.


Unemployment in Colorado

While most states have returned to pre-COVID levels of unemployment, Colorado continues to lag behind.


Major PPI Category Changes

This chart shows the major components tracked each month from producers and manufacturers, and how prices are changing 


Majore CPI Category Changes

This chart shows the major components included in the CPI calculation. If you live in a rural area and primarily buy food and energy products, your inflation rate will be much higher than the average.


Unemployment int he U.S.  (U-3)

The generally quoted unemplyment statistic in the U.S counts people actively looking for emplyement and receiving benefits.


Job Vacancies in the U.S.

There have never been more job openings in the U.S. economy than there are today.


Missing Workers

There are still more than six million "missing" workers from the labor force, which helps explain why there are so many job openings today.


Jobs Added/Subtracted in Colorado

By age of business adding or losing jobs. Start up employer firms typically create enough new jobs to offset jobs lost by existing firms. But not last year.


Number of Employer Firms in Colorado

A surprisingly large number of new small businesses with one or more employees opened in Colorado in the period 04/01/20 to 03/31/21


New Entity Registrations with CO
Secretay of State

Aproximately 75% of new entity filings in Colorado each year are for Limited Liablity Companies (LLC's) which are, more often than not, passive entities.


Filings Vs. Formations

Very few new entity filings in Colorado turninto businesses that create jobs for Coloradans.


Number of Registered Voters

Registered voter statistics reported at the Bipartiasan Electoral Commission varies from those published elsewhere on the Secretary of State's Website (this chart)

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