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Physical and Mental Health During Coronavirus

Updated: Jan 15

We are 11 months in to this pandemic and it is still raging, in fact spiking in many parts of the US and the world.

This has resulted in long-term stress for many of us. That stress can manifest in a variety of ways, affecting both our physical and mental health.

As a Functional Nutritionist, I know there is a lot we can do to boost our immune system to help prevent illness, and to minimize the effects of illnesses and weaknesses we already have.

I also know that all this stress and anxiety can also be helped through nutrition, especially when we apply the science of epigenetics. (Be sure to read my earlier post “3 Ways Functional Nutritionist Assists Anxiety Sufferers” )

Our Mental Health During Coronavirus Might Need More Help

So that is all well and good, but it is also important to recognize that sometimes we might need more help with our mental health. I was recently contacted by a mental health agency based in the UK. Their main focus is on addiction, but they have a very helpful article specific to mental health during Coronavirus, and how you could be affected.

“At this moment in time, it’s crucial that you eat well and drink enough water. You should strive to bring all the necessary nutrients from your diet, and avoid restaurants if they are open.“Consider getting food deliveries to your home or ask someone to drop off the food at your home.“Drinking enough water is also just as important. It’s not only good for your physical health, but also for your mental health.”

One of my favorite parts of this article is the 9 point section ‘Taking Care of Your Mental Wellbeing

  • Stay well by following my suggestions for keeping your immune system strong.

  • Keep your mental and emotional well-being strong with some of their suggestions.

  • Take a deep breath and know we will get through this!

If you need more nutritional support for either your physical or emotional / mental health during Coronavirus, call and book an appointment and we’ll get you back on track to maximum health and wellness. If you’re stuck in a stress response, reach out to us for brain wave entrainment therapy. We can help you get better faster.

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